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Practicalities for Psychotherapy and Counselling

How do we get started?

When you first contact me we will set up an initial appointment. I see this first meeting as an opportunity for us both to get to know one another a little, for you to get a sense of who I am, how I work and whether you would feel comfortable continuing to work with me; it also gives me an opportunity to hear what has brought you to counselling, what you hope to get from it and whether I can offer you the help you need. At the end of this meeting you may want to take some time to think about whether you want to continue working with me and part of this decision may be that you also see some other counsellors or psychotherapists to ensure you are making the right choice. Having met for an initial session there is no obligation to continue working with me. If I feel I don’t have the skills needed to help you then I will talk with you about other options.

If after the first session we are both happy to continue to work together we will then make appointments for further sessions. Some people like to book a number of sessions in advance while others prefer to book just one session at a time.

How long is each session?

Each psychotherapy/counselling session normally lasts an hour. However, since we are all different I am happy to discuss other options. Some clients do like to work slightly longer than an hour for each session.

How often do we meet?

I prefer to see people on a weekly basis. This helps with consistency and trust thereby building a strong working alliance. Our relationship can then be a space where issues more readily come to the surface allowing you to safely explore and work through them.

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How much do sessions cost?

I have a sliding scale of fees depending on financial circumstances. The cost for each session of individual counselling will be between £60 and £85 per one hour session. We will agree this fee at our first meeting. If we decide not to continue to work together following our first session there is no charge for that session. However, if we decide we do want to continue to work together then I do charge for the initial session as part of the ongoing work together. You can pay on a session by session basis either by cash or bank transfer. Alternatively, some clients prefer to pay in advance for a small number of sessions.

I review my fees on an annual basis.

For couples counselling I charge £85 per hour.

For clinical supervision I charge £70 per hour

Do you charge for cancellations?

If you need to cancel a session I ask you to give me at least 48 hours notice otherwise you pay in full for the time I have set aside to see you irrespective of the reason for cancellation. You can either pay for the cancelled session at the time by on-line banking or when we next meet if paying by cheque or cash.

How many sessions will I need?

Due to the nature of the work it isn’t normally possible to predict how many sessions will be needed. For some clients only a few sessions will see them effectively working through the presenting issues. For others, especially those coming with issues that stem from childhood or adolescent years, a considerably longer period of psychotherapy is likely to be needed to allow you to fully work through these issues. We will have regular reviews to check that the work we are doing together meets your needs. However, you are free to end at any time.

What happens when I want to stop coming?

I suggest that when we end we do so face to face. This allows us to have a healthy ending in which we can explore the impact of the ending of this working relationship. We will negotiate an ending period which will vary depending on how long you have been in psychotherapy/counselling with me and also depending on your needs.

Couples Counselling

I have worked for 15 years as a couples therapist. I am one of the few Certified Imago Relationship Therapists in the north of England. In Imago couples therapy I help the couple explore both the strengths and joy in the relationship, basically what is keeping them together, and building on that and this helps provide a platform for them to discuss the more difficult issues that they need to resolve and that bring them to therapy. I ensure there is equal space for both parties to express themselves and to be heard by their partner.

My approach

In the first session, which lasts one and a half hours, you get the opportunity to see who I am and how I work and I can also assess whether I am the best person to support you and your relationship. From there we all decide if there is a fit between us. If we continue working together all subsequent sessions will last one and a half hours and we will meet either weekly or fortnightly.

In Imago Relationship Therapy I provide a structure which builds a safe space in which each of you can express what is going on for you and feel heard by your partner. This will be a new way of communicating for most couples and the experience of being heard and validated brings about significant change and a great sense of relief. Being able to stretch yourself and be willing to hear how things are for your partner is a vital part of this process and it plays a major part in your personal development both as a person and as a partner.

I support you not only in this process in the therapy room but in taking it out into your everyday lives so you grow your own capacity to resolve conflict and at the same time bring passion and joy back into your relationship. Through Imago Relationship Therapy you also deepen your understanding of how relationships work and why both you and your partner behave as you do towards one another.

I charge £85/hour when working with couples and sessions normally last one and a half hours


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